6 Oct





Back to Weight Watchers…

9 Jun

Today I went back to Weight Watchers after having my little cupcake. I took little one with me and all the lovely old dears queing to be weighed in fell in love with her!

going back was a potentionally scary deal –  just getting out of the house with a 6 week old is always scary in itself! But most scary was weighing in after having her. For the majority of women having a baby is one of the times in your life when you will probably put on the most weight. When I went for my first appointment with my midwife i was told that I was allowed to put on 28lbs – That’s right allowed! As i have previously mentioned though I did not have the smoothest of pregnancies and really did not have an appetite most of the time. The day that I had baby I weighed in less than the day that I met my partner -back  before I started WW 4 years ago.

Stepping on the scales today I had gained 4lb over my pre-pregnancy weight. However I wasn’t at goal when I got pregnant so I now have  22lb to lose to get back down to my goal .

I intend to follow the weight watchers system and weigh in once a week at my meeting. I will then blog my weight loss once a week. This blog will then keep track of my weight loss and my exercise and I will also use it to mull over some of the pluses and negatives of the new WW points system.

So my opening stats are:

Start Weight =11st 1lb (155lb)

Weight loss this week = Olb

lbs left till goal (9st 7lb 133lb) = 22lb

Weight loss to date = 0lb

4 weeks post baby belly…

25 May

to start with I have to say that Lolly is the most placid baby ever! She eats every 4 hours and sleeps in between feeds. She also happens to be gorgeous and gets bigger and more beautiful every day.

Looking at my body post pregnancy is really odd – I am so used to having a big firm belly that now it is small(er) and waaay wobblier I can’t get used to it. From being in hopsital for so long and eating hospital food I can feel that I have lost alot of weight – I am already back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. However losing the weight this quickly has really had a major drawback – I have got a ton of stretch marks on my belly. Having survived the pregnancy with no stretch marks at all I niavely thought I had escaped them.  I am not upset about them in the slightest though – they are my mummy marks and I know they will really fade; I had far worse when I was at my heaviest.

Post pregnancy eating is really hard too. For starters I will  see to the baby before myself – so I will do all the jobs that need doing for her before I start looking after myself. So I’ll get up  feed baby, change baby, play with baby, put baby down to sleep, wash baby’s clothes, wash baby’s bottles, hang out baby’s clothes, sterlise bottle, tidy baby’s room(?!) and make up the bottles for the rest of the day. If there is any time left before baby’s next feed I might grab a little something and get dressed but really there isn’t much time left. Then people come round to visit the baby and bring massive amounts of cake with them which they leave and I end up stuffing them down as I am so hungry. *Sigh*

BUT.. I have a beautiful new baby – i am happy and she is happy. If i end up putting on a few pounds over the next couple of weeks then so be it – i’ll call them my happy pounds. I am just plesed to be here to enjoy them.

How the Cupcake came to be & what happened next

14 May

So my baby girl Lolly was born just over 2 weeks ago and I am still in shock to say the least!

I was extremley lucky to say that the birth part was absoultley fine. It was very quick (4 hours from first contraction to birth) and virtually painless. I accidentally had a natural birth as we only just made it to the hospital in time. According to my contraction tracking app we left home for the hospital less than an hour before she was born. I virtually delivered her myself as the midwife was out of the room getting my notes – you should have seen the look on my partners face when he ran back in with her only to see me lent over the bed with the baby’s  head already out!!! Apart from quite a few stiches that are going to need some time to heal we were both golden and I was discharged the same night.

Thats when the fun started! The next day we were visited at home and the midwife noticed that my blood pressure was a bit high and the baby was a bit yellow (suggesting Jaundice) and sent us back to the hospital just to be checked out and to be on the safe side. Once we got there I realised that me and Lolly were alot more poorly than I imagined – little one was rushed up to neo-natal intensive care when the blood test for her jaundice showed her levels to be 30x the level where they start phototherapy. The blood test also showed markers for sepsis so she was put on a drip and a feeding tube. The poor little thing was striped down to her nappy and looked like she was having a sunbed in her little incubator!

I was busy however being diagnosed with post-natal pre-eclampsia. I had had pregnancy induced hyper tension prior to the birth but it tipped over the edge as my blood pressure peaked two days after the birth. At one point my blood pressure weighed in at 180/120 and I was sedated to stop the risk of stroke.

I am so happy to say that we are both a ton better now. Lolly is packing on the ounces and my blood pressure is under control with meds. I hope to be tablet free in a few weeks but there is no rush. I am just thankful we are both well.

Welcome to the world baby girl…

28 Apr

My little cupcake was born yesterday at 21:02 GMT at a diddy 6lb exactly. Me and baby bit poorly so tucked up in hospital but very pleased to be together! Pictures etc to follow + birth story for those with strong stomaches.


Walking Goal

8 Jan

So I *may* have mentioned it once or twice – but did you know I’m a marathoner? yep lil ol’ me 🙂

I’m a powerwalker and I walk through the Walk the Walk charity for breast cancer. I completed two marathons last year in 6:35. They were literally two of the most fun nights of my life.

This is the time of year when i began training and i can see my buds over on the WTW forums starting to train. But this year i am buiding myself up for a very different type of endurance event – the birth of my first child. conincidentally she is due on the night of the moonwalk that i did last year and i am anticipating the events to be somewhat similar – months of preparation, research and trepidation towards a event which i know will be long and quite probably be pretty darn painful (although i never got a epi during the marathon but if i had been offered it…)

so no training for me this year which is actually quite upsetting as i really enjoyed it (most of the time) and im not even allowed to go for fun powerwalks during the pregancy so far as i have had severe morning sickness and have found it hard to get in enough calories to keep me and bump sane let alone to fund extra activities.

this has been getting me down as its something i really really enjoy. However i have have found out that this year they are doing an extra event in the summer, which means I can participate! Wooohoo! So my goal for my fitness this year is to give birth (gotta be equal to one marathon right?!) and powerwalk a half on July 24th.

If you are doing the moonwalk this year and have any questions feel free to msg me any time! There are still places available for the edingburgh moonwalk (which I enjoyed more than London if I’m honest) @ https://www.walkthewalk.org

Happy Holidays

24 Dec

Picture for your enjoyment 🙂 she was very naughty at her scan today!