4 weeks post baby belly…

25 May

to start with I have to say that Lolly is the most placid baby ever! She eats every 4 hours and sleeps in between feeds. She also happens to be gorgeous and gets bigger and more beautiful every day.

Looking at my body post pregnancy is really odd – I am so used to having a big firm belly that now it is small(er) and waaay wobblier I can’t get used to it. From being in hopsital for so long and eating hospital food I can feel that I have lost alot of weight – I am already back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. However losing the weight this quickly has really had a major drawback – I have got a ton of stretch marks on my belly. Having survived the pregnancy with no stretch marks at all I niavely thought I had escaped them.  I am not upset about them in the slightest though – they are my mummy marks and I know they will really fade; I had far worse when I was at my heaviest.

Post pregnancy eating is really hard too. For starters I will  see to the baby before myself – so I will do all the jobs that need doing for her before I start looking after myself. So I’ll get up  feed baby, change baby, play with baby, put baby down to sleep, wash baby’s clothes, wash baby’s bottles, hang out baby’s clothes, sterlise bottle, tidy baby’s room(?!) and make up the bottles for the rest of the day. If there is any time left before baby’s next feed I might grab a little something and get dressed but really there isn’t much time left. Then people come round to visit the baby and bring massive amounts of cake with them which they leave and I end up stuffing them down as I am so hungry. *Sigh*

BUT.. I have a beautiful new baby – i am happy and she is happy. If i end up putting on a few pounds over the next couple of weeks then so be it – i’ll call them my happy pounds. I am just plesed to be here to enjoy them.


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