How the Cupcake came to be & what happened next

14 May

So my baby girl Lolly was born just over 2 weeks ago and I am still in shock to say the least!

I was extremley lucky to say that the birth part was absoultley fine. It was very quick (4 hours from first contraction to birth) and virtually painless. I accidentally had a natural birth as we only just made it to the hospital in time. According to my contraction tracking app we left home for the hospital less than an hour before she was born. I virtually delivered her myself as the midwife was out of the room getting my notes – you should have seen the look on my partners face when he ran back in with her only to see me lent over the bed with the baby’s  head already out!!! Apart from quite a few stiches that are going to need some time to heal we were both golden and I was discharged the same night.

Thats when the fun started! The next day we were visited at home and the midwife noticed that my blood pressure was a bit high and the baby was a bit yellow (suggesting Jaundice) and sent us back to the hospital just to be checked out and to be on the safe side. Once we got there I realised that me and Lolly were alot more poorly than I imagined – little one was rushed up to neo-natal intensive care when the blood test for her jaundice showed her levels to be 30x the level where they start phototherapy. The blood test also showed markers for sepsis so she was put on a drip and a feeding tube. The poor little thing was striped down to her nappy and looked like she was having a sunbed in her little incubator!

I was busy however being diagnosed with post-natal pre-eclampsia. I had had pregnancy induced hyper tension prior to the birth but it tipped over the edge as my blood pressure peaked two days after the birth. At one point my blood pressure weighed in at 180/120 and I was sedated to stop the risk of stroke.

I am so happy to say that we are both a ton better now. Lolly is packing on the ounces and my blood pressure is under control with meds. I hope to be tablet free in a few weeks but there is no rush. I am just thankful we are both well.


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