Walking Goal

8 Jan

So I *may* have mentioned it once or twice – but did you know I’m a marathoner? yep lil ol’ me šŸ™‚

I’m a powerwalker and I walk through the Walk the Walk charity for breast cancer. I completed two marathons last year in 6:35. They were literally two of the most fun nights of my life.

This is the time of year when i began training and i can see my buds over on the WTW forums starting to train. But this year i am buiding myself up for a very different type of endurance event – the birth of my first child. conincidentally she is due on the night of the moonwalk that i did last year and i am anticipating the events to be somewhat similar – months of preparation, research and trepidation towards a event which i know will be long and quite probably be pretty darn painful (although i never got a epi during the marathon but if i had been offered it…)

so no training for me this year which is actually quite upsetting as i really enjoyed it (most of the time) and im not even allowed to go for fun powerwalks during the pregancy so far as i have had severe morning sickness and have found it hard to get in enough calories to keep me and bump sane let alone to fund extra activities.

this has been getting me down as its something i really really enjoy. However i have have found out that this year they are doing an extra event in the summer, which means I can participate! Wooohoo! So my goal for my fitness this year is to give birth (gotta be equal to one marathon right?!) and powerwalk a half on July 24th.

If you are doing the moonwalk this year and have any questions feel free to msg me any time! There are still places available for the edingburgh moonwalk (which I enjoyed more than London if I’m honest) @ https://www.walkthewalk.org


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