December 5 – Let Go

5 Dec

December 5 – Let Go.

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? (Author: Alice Bradley)

so i have to say i am pretty brutal when it comes to friends – they gotta add something for me to value their friendship. so friends who judge, make snide comments or bitch about others all the time ( cuz what are they saying about me then?) went a long time ago. i can honestly say those who are left can stay… for now lol

so i didnt give up any people this year but i did gave up the misapprehension that i could have it all at the same time. im not saying that i cant have it all. i am pretty darned sure i can in fact achieve everything i  set my mind to – i can have a real good career, i can be a mama and i can walk marathons (oh yh i can!) but maybe not all at the exact same time? i realised that i definitely needed to prioritise. my reasoning went thusly

  1. my retirement date on my pension is set to 2047 (yes really) so i have pllllenty of time to build my career up
  2. i currently have a great job in a fantastic company with fantastic benefits
  3. i can do my job. easily. it would be perfect to run alongside a young family could i do that 2 pay grades up?
  4. i have maybe 10 years baby making time in me (15 tops) and i would like to have a kid most of all.
  5. it can take ages to have a baba – i dont want to leave it too late.
  6. theres a moonwalk every year sure im guna miss one but i can do every single one after that if i want.

what was stopping me? well expectation i guess – women of my generation just dont have kids in our 20s, we wait until we push up the company food chain and get a job good enough so we can pay for IVF. meh. i know too many who have heartache because they left it too late.

so we did it the easy way. the cheap(er) way. we got pregnant in one shot and  i pray everyday that in May we will have a healthy bouncing  (why bouncing??!!) baby girl or boy.

so this year i let go of expectations and did what my body did naturally – i can take on the world after.


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