Back to Weight Watchers…

9 Jun

Today I went back to Weight Watchers after having my little cupcake. I took little one with me and all the lovely old dears queing to be weighed in fell in love with her!

going back was a potentionally scary deal –  just getting out of the house with a 6 week old is always scary in itself! But most scary was weighing in after having her. For the majority of women having a baby is one of the times in your life when you will probably put on the most weight. When I went for my first appointment with my midwife i was told that I was allowed to put on 28lbs – That’s right allowed! As i have previously mentioned though I did not have the smoothest of pregnancies and really did not have an appetite most of the time. The day that I had baby I weighed in less than the day that I met my partner -back  before I started WW 4 years ago.

Stepping on the scales today I had gained 4lb over my pre-pregnancy weight. However I wasn’t at goal when I got pregnant so I now have  22lb to lose to get back down to my goal .

I intend to follow the weight watchers system and weigh in once a week at my meeting. I will then blog my weight loss once a week. This blog will then keep track of my weight loss and my exercise and I will also use it to mull over some of the pluses and negatives of the new WW points system.

So my opening stats are:

Start Weight =11st 1lb (155lb)

Weight loss this week = Olb

lbs left till goal (9st 7lb 133lb) = 22lb

Weight loss to date = 0lb


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