Weekly update

1 Dec

hello all!

isnt it a bit chilly out there?! here in London Town its been snowing an event that virtually never happens. normally we switch on the news and chuckle at the rest of the country covered in snow in the safe knowledge that things like that dont happen here. oh how wrong we were…

this time last year snow was a massive hinderance to my powerwalking marathon training. this year its a BIG problem – falling over when pregnant is not encouaged. luckly the boy just texted me and he managed to steal me some crampons from work!!

this week i came to a massive conclusion about why i keep geting sickness randomly. this isnt just the normal morning sickness as it started at 14 weeks and lasts for a day. i’ve had 3 episodes of this and i started looking for answers. my ma suggested it could be allergies – especialy as when pregnant new things  can set you off.  i suddenly realised that it was probably a food that i denied myelf when i was dieting (ie 13- pre-pregnancy!) that i had started eating with joy since morning sickness had ended. thinking hard i realised i had eaten cheese before each of these episodes so im staying away from the pizza for a while 😦

anywho its testiment to how cold it has been this week and the number of layers i have been wearing that i took off my jumper the other day and found a bump under it!! baby has been wiggling all week so its getting very exciting now!

i’m doing reverb 10 so expect to here alot from me in december – off to mull the first one in the bath.


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