Not such a big fat mama

24 Nov

There are somethings in life that I knew. Scrub that – THOUGHT I knew.

1) i have early stages of PCOS and was convinced that it would take me years to conceive.

2) if i ever did get pregnant I would be one of those women that would feel the HUNGER. no morning sickness for me! i would just eat and eat and eat and get FAT!

I am so happy (esp with number one) to say that i was and am totally wrong! baby was made in one shot (!) and so far i am DOWN pounds.

not that i am happy about the weight loss. i have been pretty dang ill and i have felt like have had a constant hangover for the last 12 weeks. i had a lovely week which i think was week 5 (lol) where i still had an appetite and i had been given the (fantastic) advice that if i still felt hungry i should eat. And boy i did – i think i put on like a couple of pounds in a week. thank goodness i did though as i was sick as a dog since. i have to say that i have never in my life been weak from lack of food before the last 12 weeks, but it is horrific.

This week i am just eating what i fancy -today a dairylea lunchable and a flump! some lady on one of the baby boards gave me a roasting for eating such rubbish food but at this point im glad to get something in. today i ate 3 whole meals – nutritionally balanced?! hell no! food that’s going to make me feel a lot less shite than no food? hell yes!

so thank you for sticking with whilst i have been on my hiatus but i am BACK  with a 5-inch baba in my belly and hoping to put on weight next week 🙂


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