The power of now!

17 Aug


if you’ve been on a diet for a while or planning on losing weight you may well have encountered the phonmema of wheniloseweight-itas.

you must no it…

“I will not buy that dress until i get to goal”

“i will have my haircut…when  lose a stone”

“I’ll buy myself some  new makeup-when i get lose some weight”

i know you get it.

why do we do it to ourselves? welll i  reckon its all these make over programmes that we see where the last bit is always the hair and makeup and the new clothes..

however in real life what really happens is you punish yourself continually for not being at the top of your game, or at the panicle of where you wish you were at by wearing rubbish clothes and looking pants now.

sooo…. i have some new nails, new makeup and some new defuzzing implements. i may well be over my goal weight but screw it- i wanna look hot for me NOW 😀


One Response to “The power of now!”

  1. Laura August 19, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    Great attitude 🙂

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