My Kick-ass weekend

16 Aug

so after the amazing weigh in result from saturday morning we hopped in the car and went to see friends for the weekend.

did i take snacks for the car? no!!! duh

so when we get there i am feeling starving and a little quesy from lack of food – not a great start.

 had i thought through dinner? apart from planning i had to eat something we just choose a restaurant near the venue. we choose an Italian and had a magherita pizza alllll 10.5pts of it 😀 plus a huge glass of the pink stuff

so fast forward twelve hours and im sitting outside a gorgeous little cafe and trying not to hurl! smooooth!!!

i found it very hard to hit 5pts yesterday due to self induced hangover tummy bug so to top meself up i went for the POP TART – not just any pop tart either – i went up the american shop and got cinnamon ones which they dont sell here. American Pop tarts are really diferent to british ones- not as much frosting and smaller – only 3.5pts to a UK one at 4.5pts. Odd – i would have thought the US one might have been wrose!

Anywho lessons learned – dont mix my spirits and cnamon pop tarts ROCK…. FAB WEEKEND  😀


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