Closing the deficit

11 Aug

So midweek check in time and ain’t this week going slooooooooww!

Highlights of the week so far were training out in the field on monday and managing to burn 4.5pts just through unintentional activity. Also I Monday I took the trainee out to lunch and she choose maccy ds. So I looked up my pts values and got myself a fillet of fish sans cheese or sauce and a kids portion of fries. And even though the silly woman charged me for the large size chips and even though she served me up the large size I made her get me a little one. Whoop go me!

Tuesday night i totally intended to walk to the mainline station instead of getting the tube but it was really heavily pouring with rain. However I knew I needed to get me bonus points up on my ww pedometer so I drove to the nearest mall and power walked my way round it! I must have looked like a total nincompoop but I did it – 3 bonus pts – kerching!

Today I had a rubbish day but I made myself go out for a walk this evening. I thought I would take it easy- not go for speed but just enjoy the walk. I updated my podcasts and just wandered around the streets- enjoying two fit chicks and a microphone and pursuing a balanced life. I went to the supermarket further away than my usual one which is always fun as they have slightly different products! So I bought myself a shredded wheat type breakfast cereal with blueberries in it and some ww chocolate puddings for 3pts. By the time I’d meandered back home it was half nine and I’d clocked up a whopping 3bpts.

So all in all I’ve cleared my points deficit from my fantastic weekend saving up 17pts from a mixture of bonus points and saved points mcwhoop! I may save a couple more over the next few days as I’m not sure what came out of my mouth Saturday night never mind what went in lol

Speak soon 😀 x


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