whats the point?

8 Aug

so i have had a lovely weekend.

yesterday after the brave weigh in back at weight watchers i came home and cooked 36 cupcakes. and did i eat one?! did i eat one tiny one warm from the oven?! NO

did i lick the bowl *a little bit* LOL

then i got to dress up with my girlies and go out for a fabulous charity do.  The boy drove us there – watched us get drunk- and then drove us home, dropping all of the girlies at their houses. Best boyfriend ever!!

This morning i got up very very hung over and iced the 36 cupcakes. we then hit the road and got to the family party and filled my face with cakes. good times.

so was this a good weekend to start weight watchers? well it wasnt the easiest that’s for sure! but it totally was a fantastic weekend to start. i went 16 points over (almost a whole day!) but if i didnt know that i was going to be weighed next saturday i would have eaten a whole lot more.

 i would have drunk a bottle of wine at the party and not taken a small drunk’s bottle of vodka.

 i would have eaten at least two cakes making them instead of not eating any.

i would have eaten EVERYTHING at the party buffet and then totally not compensated for it by eating over in the week as well.

so my aim for the rest of this week is to claw back some points and get off me butt some. but i am celebrating my restraint this weekend with an activity point gaining jig 😀



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