I will not wait ’til Monday

7 Aug

so i left you last time we spoke on a conundrum if the dukan aint working; what next?

well as i had two big partes coming up this weekend i almost got myself to the point of saying screw it’ll start monday. how many times have i said that? how many times have i never started monday? or the monday after that?

i needed to change the record. i needed to do things differently.

i got on tinternet googled the weight watchers. i chose a meeting for the very next day. and went. and looked at the number on the scale.

going back to weight watchers is like having an argument, storming out and realising you left your handbag behind. in short – it sucks. you see i lost 42lbs with weight watchers oh two(?!) years ago. and as of this morning i have put exactly half back on.


so points all the way…

even though i am going to a dinner party tonight. even though i have to cook 36 cupcakes for a family party. BECAUSE I WILL NOT WAIT TIL MONDAY.


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