Dukan? MY ARSE!

6 Aug


sometimes in life you ave to just experience something to know it is the case. someone can tell you that nandos extra hot sauce really is extra hot (the label is a bit of a givaway to be fair!) but you have to try it just to make sure. Equally when someone says something’s really minging you have to try a bit just to make sure.

why do we do this? im convinced its partly that we are too arrogent to think anything bad might happen to us and partly because we find it hard to anticiapte bad stuff – or at least i do.

I dont no if i’ve told you this but i am relentlessley enthusatistic and positive. so maybe thats it – warn me something bad might happen and i wont believe you ‘it’ll be fine!!!’

anyway what waffle is this? well i’ve learnt a lesson that everyone in the diet world always warns you about:

Don’t go on a crash diet – you’ll get bored, binge and  put it all back on”

They are right. soooo… right….


whats next? dunno!


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