Four days Dukan and 8 miler

24 Jul

so today i weighed myself 4days into doing the old Dukan and i have lost a whopping 4lbs!! woohoo.

so after 4 days of no carbs how have i coped? quite easily actually! when you eat a ton of protein you just dont feel hungry. its great! you dont get the energy dips or highs with my normal eating. Its really odd though everyday i dont eat carbs or the sugar i feel like me on a GREAT day. Really equal and balanced.

One of the odd bits is that you suddenly realise that what you put into your body actaully has an effect. its so easy to forget that. It changes your whole mood and the way your brain works. Food has power and it is really not the case  that all calories are created equally. I MUST remember this… food is fuel and shit goes in makes a shite mood and body balance..

baring all that in mind i had two slices of bread today OMG! lol but i did a 8 mile walk this morning and felt i needed some glucose for my muscles! AND i fully intend to eat some carbs in the morning as i am doing a racewalk tomoro (3miles) and will NEED the energy ready in my muscles. wish me luck!


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