The right side of bed…

21 Jul

this morning i got out of the bed and stepped on the scale… it weren’t pretty and i werent happy so i knew i needed something special. i needed A PLAN. and my plan is this…


o yeh baby. i’m all about the meat…

so what can you eat on Dukan diet?! well let me tell you in  bullet point style…

  • MEAT (low fat only)
  • Lo-fat diary
  • water
  • diet coke

so your probably thinking OMG where have the carbs gone?! well they are gone and outta the window. none. never. ever….

is this a fad diet? No. well maybe a bit. but only in the way that everyone is doing it at the mo. a friend of mine is on it and talked to her dietian and personal trainer about it who have both said that it is a good plan to be following as it doesnt have

am i guna stick to it? HELL YEH if i put my mind to something i will do it. no matter what!

Is it going to work? let us wait and see….

oh and what did the scales say?…… i ain’t telling :p


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