On Festival Food

20 Jul

So here is a list of the things I ate @ Latitude festival and you can measure for yourself just how great the food was! I had::

  • Egg baguette x4
  • Nuttella crepe
  • 2xVanilla cupcakes
  • 1xLemon cupcake
  • chicken chow mein
  • pie and chips
  • stonebaked pizza (cooked fresh while you waited!!)
  • about 50pints of pear cider LOL- counts as one of your five a day no?

and the boy had (*drum roll please*) OSTRICH BURGER!!! i woud say it was a bit dense(?!) but it is apparently one of the healthist meats with less calories and fat per 100g than chicken. shame we dont have it here.

so- i hear you wonder – what damage has all this eating had to the scales? well i’m wondering too as i am not getting on the scales til morning. it can say what it likes the food was amazing and a vowed to enjoy it. to be fair i really didnt gorge myself like some others i my party…  It was also interesting to see how my body reacted to all the shite -by the end i felt gassy and had heartburn.  It was a relief to come home and start eating normally. Lets speak tomorrow and I’ll let you know the damage


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