Of to Latitude and Fitbugging in action..

15 Jul

So three days with my delightful bug  and traking my food so i thought i’d check in and let you know how its going.

in the first week of the bug you are asked to carry on with your normal life so they can set you targets based on that.  However,  just as soon as you start tracking stuff and see it written down you star modifying your behaviour automatically. so thats choosing the lower calorie foods and walking more already… hope i dont eff it up but its only for the good.

as for the actual software – it rocks! the internet site is easy to use and i love the way that the visuals help you track your calories. i also adore the pie chart that shows how your calories have been used – whether fat, carbs or protein.

anywho i am off to the festival tommorrow – see you on the other side!


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