The best laid plans…

12 Jul

I have a cold! First day on the healthy eating bandwagon and I have a cold- rubbish!

Hopefully this isn’t just me but isn’t it hard to follow a diet in the week when you know there is no way you can follow the diet at the weekend? This weekend I am going to a festival so I’ll be living off BBQ and overpriced curry! Actually to be fair this festival has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in terms if quality as it dedicated to organic food and local produce. That said, it isn’t exactly diet friendly either!

These situations put me in two minds- do I stick ridgy to the diet or abandon myself to the moment and enjoy the food that is available?

I guess ideally this wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t have such a disordered relationship with food. I would probably enjoy what I really what I wanted to eat and not over eat just because the opportunity had arisen

Equally if I ate in the way that I would ideally I would be able to stick to my healthy ways of eating despite knowing I may indulge myself in the days to come.

So that’s what I’ll aim to do as that is how I want to approach the fuel I put into my body. Does my body understand a ‘sod it’ day? No! Should I abandon a healthy diet in anticipation for a weekend of fun and gores eating? No!

So can I do it? Even with a cold? Ummmmm….


I am reminded of the following quote… “You are what you consistently do, excellence then is not a act then but a habit”

All I need to do is foster some excellent habits!


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