12 Jul

This morning I got my Fitbug and I am very excited! The Fitbug is a pedometer that connects with the computer to balance your calorie expenditure (exercise) with you calorie intake (food).

Now I do a lot of walking. This year I have done two powerwalking marathons and I have another one planed in for September. I also train about 3-4 times a week. With all this training I thought the weight would just fall off me- I thought wrong! I found that after (and during!) a long walk I was so hungry I could eat anything (including small children and little dogs that may cross my path!!). I also took carb loading to take cinnamon buns and meatball marianas *sigh*.

Anywho I hope that fitbug may help me balance my calories I suppose it is really is all about balance and I guess not the type of balance of a cake in each hand!

One of the nifty things about the fitbug website is that it let’s you know where your calories have come from in a day- separated into carbs, fibre and fats. For me this is very important as I tend to only eat two major food groups given the chance- cake and chocolate and would really much prefer to move to something more healthy.

Here goes a brave new world!!


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