>Moonwalk training – 12 miler footstamping and tantrums

22 Jan

>through a fantastic lack of imagination I just decided to do two lots of my 6 mile walk this week to get my 12 miles in. hmm…

the upside of this route is that it has a fantastic hill in the first mile so replicates the scotland moonwalk quite well – this was very good on the way there but did you know its really really hard to powerwalk down hill without falling forward or running a little bit. I think I’ll need to practise this as running in the powerwalking marathon is Strictly forbidden

and the walking? well not too bad think I need to get my new trainers as I could feel my feet rolling in. however, my nutrition left something to be desired – I need to get up earlier so I can get more some stuff down me. not doing this today meant that I had a really energy dip at half way causing an enormous footstamping tantrum in the middle of the very heavily tourit pack town we had walked to. i ate a few malteasers and felt better – so ipso facto i should eat more malteasers lol

o well will remember for next week with an easier 10miler


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