>Moonwalk training- 8 miler

16 Jan

>woohoo! its raining!! which means no more snow -woopdewoop!!

so in case your wondering this is the plan i am following – and as you can see week 6= 8miles long walk get in!!

i decided that my usual thames path was faaarr to boring to do again and decided on an ambitious track round a nearby roal park. good idea?! – NO! first its still really icy in the park so i slip slided around which would have made me quicker if it wasnt for the second fact – i got bliming lost! at one point i followed a path only to find it chucked me out onto a waterfall and another that chucked me out into a forest GREAT lol.

this all would have been fine if it wasnt for the fact that it was:

a) raining
c) getting on when i had football to go and watch
d)my iphone/gps was running out of battery and i was convinced i was going to get lost in the forest

my car was the best thing i had ever ever seen!

soo how did i do? rubbish!! i think it was a combo of the fact that i hadnt drank enough (id poured myself a drink and promptly put it down and lost it in the flat – it is still yet to be found 10 hrs on :-s. i can just imagine the boy finding it at some point this week and thinking im a right ol’ nutter even more than normal!) and that id bolted down my porridge because i was running late. what was good was the fab podcast i listened too by the wonderful mizfit and dietgirl and my lovely audio book (the idea for which i got from reading dietgirls moonwalk training – i told you she was fab!)

next week 12miler – i may go back to what i know and walk my normal thames path way lets wait and see

oh and more snow due for tuesday ….grrr…..


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