>diet wk2 – see how we go…

14 Jan

>sooo for all you holding your breath in anticipation – i did it!!!!

i stepped on them scales – and after 1 week on the diet after 8 weeks off i am the same weight i was last time i hopped on the scale – get in!

and i have found a fablous new weightloss website which is really helping me out. basically when i did ww everything was in points but now i am tracking calories. well i say i am tracking but really the website does it all for you which makes it even easier.

really it makes no difference you’d think tracking points or calories surley- the argument would follow that as long as you end the week on a sufficent calorie deficit you’ll lose weight. however when you think about how the point value of an item is found (which if you dont no you can google – i aint getting sued!) you realise that a large amount of calories on the diet is equal in points terms to a quite small amount of sat fat. and besides surley the calories of a food include all componants of the food – whether thats sat fat, fibre or protein – added together. Bearing in mind that we know that fat has the largest amount of calories per g then surely thats being taken into account and if i add on the satfat to get the point then i am counting it twice?! no?!

i did some rudimentary maths and worked out that if my food had no sat fat in it then i would get 1330 calories a day on ww but if it has some sat fat then it could be well less as i would have less calorie points as some would have been used up by satfat. at nutracheck i am on 1400 which is pretty reasonable and liveable…

anywho lets see how i get on on it non? i did lose 3 stone on ww so im not going to rubbish it completley but still let me know your thoughts… i might be right off track here!

according to nutracheck if i stick to the plan i’ll lose about 1.5lb a week and hit goal on the 17th march! lets see how we go…


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