>Moonwalk training – 10miler

10 Jan


did you notice? it snowed!!! 6inches where i am – looks pretty but bit of an ass to walk around in specially when you are trying to train for TWO moonwalks!

for those who are wondering why two i’ll tell you – i applied for the London one, started training and decided i would be so gutted if i didnt get the ballot for london that i’d better apply for edinboro just in the hope that i would get a least one. well LUCKY ME i got both lol! so lovely challenge that i really need to train for…

but SNOW grrrr….

so im supposed to do 4 walks a week – three mini walks for pace (powerwalking 4.5mph) and a big ol one on a saturday. i havent been out alllll week for little walks but decided i would bite the bullet and get out in the snow anyway – with the help of my tusty spiders (teeny crampons i bought last year when i walked up scafell pike).

so today i can report a 10 miler too a very slow snow pace with one stop at a well known american coffee shop and another at less well known greasy spoon. Its ALOT harder to walk in the snow… someone said it was 15x harder to walk in the snow and i can say that my thighs reckon it.

fingers cross no more snow for this week 😦


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