>In the begining there was the word…

1 Jan

>…and the word was FAT!

Unfortunately I seem to have put on most of the weight i lost this time last year…gutted…

anywho the time has come to lose it again and thought it might be a nice idea to take you along for the ride – so welcome who ever you may well be and thank you for stumbling onto me blog.

So what of me? I am in my early 20s i lost 3 stone this time last year and have put back on approximately a third

So i guess at this point it would be a cool time to tell you my goals so you where this blog is going to go (well hopefully!)

1) get back down to my goal weight (about 14lbs to lose)
2) walk TWO moonwalks this year
3) learn to eat fruit and veg – something approximating a healthy diet at least
4) walk the London ring
5) Regularly drink 8 glasses of water a day

so i guess from that little list you might guess that i am into my walking but have a terrible diet to go with it and you’d pretty much have me down to a T.

So hopefully I’ll be logging my weight losses on a monday and updating this blog as and when the impulse takes me – hope you enjoy the ride


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